How to Enjoy Jogging

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Do you consider going for a jog a tedious, troublesome, and downright tiring, exhausting task? You should follow these tips to make your run or jog more exciting, easier, and more enjoyable.


  1. Consult your physician before beginning any exercise. He or she will determine if you are fit to jog, how long you should be jogging, and how much exercise you should be doing.
  2. Think about other stuff. Dont think about running while youre running. Most likely you will tire out easier when you are thinking about the same thing you are doing. Especially if youre thinking about when you can stop or how long until your run is over.
  3. Grab some music. Most people nowadays in this generation are plugged into their iPods when they do exercise, and thats great! One of the most popular music player for the on-the-go lifestyle is the iPod shuffle. Listening to your tunes while working out should make time fly! You can also sort songs in your playlist so that your favorite song is at the end, that way you keep working until the very end to get your treat of hearing your favorite song.
  4. Run easy! Dont start out your jog too fast, or youll get tired faster. Pace yourself at a comfortable jog that is slightly tougher than what you usually jog, and when youre near the very end, release the turbo in your legs! Also, if you feel the need to rest, do so!
  5. Avoid becoming an overachiever and try to jog for 3 hours, or something unrealistic. Try setting goals for how long you run each day. The first time: run for 10 minutes, second time: 20 minutes, third: 30, and so on. You should not spend your whole day jogging. You will probably get bored and tired.
  6. Wear the right shoes! You should wear running shoes that you like and that are comfortable for running. There are also some shoes out there that can have a sensor where it synchronizes to your iPod and gives you your running progress.


  • Exhaustion, medical issues. (talk to your doctor before starting a running regimen)

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